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Coil Coating Plant

- animal
- human
- heat treatment
- metal melting
- glass melting
Galvanising Plant
- hot dip
- wire
- waste
Metal Tile Plant

- bakery
- industrial
Pottery Kilns
Powder Coat Line
Turn Key Plant
Wet Paint Line
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Pottery Kilns

Electric - Gas - Oilfired
(for temperatures up to 1300
*C - 1500*C - 1800*C)

Hobby Kilns From 0.04 to 2 cubic metres capacity
Industrial Kilns
Batch Type To 5 cubic metre capacity
Truck Kilns From 1 to 150 cubic metre capacity
Tunnel Kilns Any size
Top Hat Kilns From 1 to 10 cubic metre capacity
Roller Hearth Kilns
Laboratory Test & Research Kilns

We offer fully customised shuttle kiln systems and full program controlled systems for the firing of craft pottery, domestic ware, earthen ware, stone ware, porcelain, ceramics, roof, wall and floor tiles, etc.

We also provide kilns for the firing of high fire industrial ceramics, reaction-bonded silicon carbide, etc.

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