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Coil Coating Plant

- animal
- human
- heat treatment
- metal melting
- glass melting
Galvanising Plant
- hot dip
- wire
- waste
Metal Tile Plant

- bakery
- industrial
Pottery Kilns
Powder Coat Line
Turn Key Plant
Wet Paint Line
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Human - Animal - Pathological

Low Volume Cremators For use in small crematoriums or funeral director's own premises
(3 cremations a day in 8 hours)
Medium Volume Cremators For one cremation every hour with individual ash collection
High Volume Cremators
Pathological Cremators
For medical purposes

All our cremators are computer controlled with 2 second dwell time with fume incinerator at 850*C plus.
Flue exit oxygen content above 6% O2
Fitted with oxygen control, etc - to meet with the most stringent anti-pollution regulations.

Full range of auxilliary equipment such as automatic coffin charging machines, ash processor, cool rooms, storage sacks, etc.

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