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Coil Coating Plant

- animal
- human
- heat treatment
- metal melting
- glass melting
Galvanising Plant
- hot dip
- wire
- waste
Metal Tile Plant

- bakery
- industrial
Pottery Kilns
Powder Coat Line
Turn Key Plant
Wet Paint Line
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Coil Coating Plant
Complete Turn Key Plant

Capacities 50 - 150mm wide strip
100 - 300mm wide strip
300 - 600mm wide strip
600 - 1250mm wide strip

Our most popular plant - with outputs of typically 30 000, 50 000, 80 000, 100 000 tonnes per annum.
Designed, manufactured and installed on-site and commissioned anywhere in the world.   We also design Factories, Mezzanines, Test Laboratories and setup infrastructure for purchasing raw materials, sales, further processing, etc.
We can also provide a technical manager, on 2 year (or longer) contract, to oversee factory construction, setup of plant, training of staff and actually running the plant.
Coated - painted steel or coil is used in external cladding of factories, building, fridges, washing machines, airconditioners, etc.
Typical pay-back of complete plant and initial investment of factory, services, forklifts, land, etc.. is only 2 years.

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